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VG502 – Technical Discourse


Nathaniel T. Murray;Michele Campbell

Credits: 1 credit



This course will take graduate students through the process of writing a scientific research article, from planning and drafting to revision and submission. The major sections (abstract, introduction, methodology, results, and discussion) are covered in depth. Students will learn to create technical diagrams appropriate for the variables they wish to represent, and to integrate those diagrams into their results and analysis.
The end product of the semester will be an original article manuscript of publishable quality written by each student. If a student is currently involved in a research project with data gathered firsthand, then the article can be an empirical study. If a student does not yet have firsthand data, then the article can be a theoretical paper or literature review. Either way, the end goal of this course is for every student to produce an article manuscript that is ready to submit to an academic journal of their field.

Course Topics: