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VM527 – Multi-phase Flow



Credits: 3 credits



Multiphase flows play a crucial role in many engineering disciplines and applications, including spray and atomization, solid particle-laden flows, liquid droplet-laden flows, as encountered in engine combustion, pharmaceutical nebulizer, agricultural spraying, spray coating, etc. This course introduces the state-of-the-art modeling and experimental methods for a range of multiphase flow and particle technology-related topics such as sprays, aerosols, droplet dynamics (drop-fluid interaction, drop-drop interaction, drop-wall interaction).  Both Eulerian and Lagrangian models for dispersed multiphase flows, as well as a wide range of phase-interface tracking models with consideration of both heat and mass transfer will be considered. In addition, experimental methods using laser and optical diagnostics, including phase Doppler interferometry and high speed imaging, on multiphase flow measurements will be emphasized.

Course Topics: