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TC3000J – Technical Communication for Electrical and Computer Engineering

Instructor: Nathaniel T. Murray

Instructors (Faculty):Michele Campbell

Credits: 1 credit

Pre-requisites: Vg 100


This course provides a practical introduction to technical reporting and engineering project design. Students will learn how to create a variety of technical charts and visuals, and to incorporate them into a technical report. Students will also learn to deliver key information through e-mails and short presentations. The course also covers the structures and linguistic features of technical language.

Course Topics:

  1. Designing an engineering project through problem-need-solution analysis
  2. Structures and linguistic features of technical language
  3. Paraphrasing, direct quotation, and citation formatting
  4. Creating and formatting technical charts and visuals
  5. Reporting of charts, diagrams, and equations
  6. Resumes and statements of purpose
  7. Professional correspondence
  8. Technical presentations

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