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ENGR3840J – Engineering Project Management


Thomas Hamade

Credits: 3 credits

Pre-requisites: ME3350J Obtained Credit


Introduction to TQM approaches to managing engineering projects from inception stages to production, including setting objectives and goals, feasibility, part-process and plant design, optimization of design and operation using Taguchi method, allocating the use of resources, planning and scheduling using CPM & PERT tools for managing activities and resources with minimum delays, contract and licensing procedures. Algorithm method strategy will be introduced to solve and optimize multi-design variables. Considerations to other important factors limiting the design such as laws and regulations, licensing, safety, hazardous waste, OSHA/EPA/DEQ, community rights-to-know laws, pollution and environmental protection, and intellectual rights protection. Maturity management models. Consideration of economic feasibility analysis based on all aspects of engineering project from design to plant erection and production.

Course Topics: