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ME3950J – Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I

Instructor: Kwee-Yan Teh

Instructors (Faculty):

Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: (VP245 or VP250 or VP260) + VP241 + VM211 + VM235 + VM240


Lectures and experiments designed to introduce the student to the basics of experimentation, instrumentation, data collection and analysis, error analysis, and reporting. Topics may include fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, mechanics, materials, and dynamical systems. Emphasis is placed on report writing and team-building skills.

Course Topics:

  1. Laboratory safety and procedures
  2. Measurements and error analysis
  3. DAQ system and sampling
  4. Strain measurements
  5. Thermodynamic cycle measurements
  6. Dynamical systems and vibration measurements
  7. Wind tunnel measurements
  8. Tensile testing

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