Courses Detail Information

ECE4890J – Computer Networks


Aimin Tang;Xudong Wang

Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: ECE4820J Obtained Credit


This course covers basic system architecture, protocol stack, and algorithms and protocols of computer communication networks. Students will get the basic knowledge of computer network architectures, services, applications, and protocol models; study protocols in different layers including physical, data link, network, and transport layers; understand transmission media, switching, multiple access arbitration, network routing, congestion control, flow contro, multicast, and security; and learn the detailed Internet architecture.

Course Topics:

  1. Network services and network applications
  2. Computer network architecture
  3. Physical layer: architecture,  modulation, coding, and error control
  4. Data link layer: functionalities and framing
  5. ARQ schemes, performance, and analysis
  6. Flow control and time recovery, Link layer multiplexing, queuing.
  7. Medium access control
  8. Network layer and routing protocols/algorithms
  9. Packet-level traffic management: scheduling and prioritization
  10. Flow-level traffic management: admission control, leaky bucket, token bucket
  11. Transport layer: TCP and UDP
  12. Internet architecture/socket programming