Courses Detail Information

TC4960J – Advanced Technical Communication


Nathaniel T. Murray;Irene Wei;Andrew Yang;JackBaker;JenniferRoyston;Thomas Bowden

Credits: 2 credits

Pre-requisites: TC3000J Obtained Credit


This course trains students to report on technical projects from customer requirements and engineering specifications to end products such as technical reports and journal articles. Key areas of focus will include project design through needs assessments and literature reviews, technical definitions and descriptions, instructions and documentation, as well as proposals and experiment procedures. Technical presentations and professional correspondence will also be covered.

Course Topics:

  1. Abstracts and executive summaries
  2. Technical definitions and descriptions
  3. Proposals and requests for proposals (RFPs)
  4. Lab reports, design reports, and white papers
  5. Technical presentations, elevator speeches, and Q&A
  6. Customer requirements and engineering specifications
  7. Technical documentation, procedures, and instructions
  8. Paraphrasing, direct quotation, and citation formatting
  9. Professional correspondence
  10. Literature reviews