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ENGR4960J – Professional Ethics


Rockwell Franklin Clancy III;Nicola Liberati;Thomas D. Carroll

Credits: 2 credits.

Pre-requisites: ENGR1000J Obtained Credit


Engineering is involved in all facets of the world, able to make the world better or worse. With the global nature of engineering, this is more important than ever. To maximize benefits and minimize harms, it is important that engineers behave ethically, but what does it mean to be ethical within engineering? This course introduces students to engineering ethics, with a global focus, to increase ethical awareness and understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities in global contexts, identifying and navigating ethical issues. Students will gain a deeper sense of what they believe and the ability to argue for these beliefs.

Course Topics:

  1. Nature and evolutionary origins of ethics
  2. Importance of ethics within engineering and with regard to technology
  3. Nature of ethical reasoning and the case-study procedure
  4. Nature of and how to avoid plagiarism
  5. Nature of professionalism and its relation to ethics
  6. Role responsibilities of engineers
  7. Nature of safety, objective and subjective
  8. Nature of business ethics
  9. Nature of personal and professional autonomy
  10. Natures of culture, values, and relations between culture, values, and ethics
  11. Nature of loyalty, conflicts of interests, and dissent
  12. Relations between the sciences-humanities and engineering-the public
  13. Nature of rights and rights of engineers