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ME4340J – Materials for Energy Conversion

Instructor: Qianli Chen

Instructors (Faculty):

Credits: 3 credits

Pre-requisites: Vc209/Vc210,Vp240/Vp245/Vp250/Vp260


The course provides an overview about materials used in advanced renewable energy conversion and storage systems and devices, including solar cells, thermoelectrics, batteries, fuel cells, photoelectrochemical cells and hydrogen storage. It begins with an introduction to energy conversion and storage issues. The operating principles of energy conversion and storage devices are discussed next. The remainder of the course focuses on the material structure, physics and chemistry, material design and the processing approaches to enhance the performance for the energy conversion and storage devices.

Course Topics:

  1. Introduction to Energy Issues
  2. Energy Conversion & Storage Devices
  3. Crystal Structure
  4. Interatomic Bonding
  5. Crystal Imperfections
  6. Diffusion in Solids
  7. Thermal Properties; Phonons
  8. Electrical Properties; Energy Bands
  9. Semiconductors
  10. Electrochemistry
  11. Solar Cells
  12. Thermoelectrics
  13. Energy Storage
  14. Batteries
  15. Fuel Cells
  16. Ion Transport
  17. Hydrogen Storage
  18. Hydrogen Generation

Sample Syllabus