Courses Detail Information

ME4500J – Design and Manufacturing III


Yong Long;Chengbin Ma;Mingjian Li;Jigang Wu;Mian Li;Yunlong Guo;Peisen Huang

Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: ME3500J Obtained Credit&&ME3600J Obtained Credit&&ME3950J Obtained Credit


The educational goal of VM450 is to give each student a deep understanding of how to approach open-ended challenges by process, and to learn how to innovate and apply the seemingly fragmented engineering knowledge acquired at JI to the design and manufacturing of real mechanical, mechatronic or electrical/computer systems.

Course Topics:

  1. Course Overview
  2. Capstone Design Project Description
  3. The Design Process and IDEO Video
  4. Developing Engineering Specifications and QFD
  5. QFD/Overview of Design Review #1 and Dress Code
  6. Design Review #1: Team Presentation and Report Capstone Judge Panel
  7. Concept Generation and Selection
  8. Material & Manufacturing Process Selection
  9. Design Review #2: Team Presentation and Report Capstone Judge Panel
  10. Financial & Reimbursement Seminar
  11. Control and Mechatronics
  12. Design Review #3: Final Design and EngineeringAnalysis
  13. Invited Talk or Town‐Hall Meeting
  14. Design Review #4: Alpha Prototype Review                                                      Final Oral Defense & Design Expo Capstone Judge