Courses Detail Information

BUS4020J – Managing a Business


Pradeep Ray

Credits: 2 credits



Business requires the practical application of people, skills, ideas and money, and it requires some trial-and-error before you succeed. This course provides the opportunity to work with all the essential managerial functions including marketing, operations, human resources and finance/accounting, and to apply the knowledge to real business organizations. Students experience evidence-based analysis of a business problem as part of a group project.

Course Topics:

  1. Marketing: how do we identify, entice and add value for customers?
  2. Operation: how does a business create goods and services to sell?
  3. Accounting and Finance: how do we keep track of the money? how do we raise funds, reward shareholders, and manage our assets?
  4. Human Resources: How do we recruit, retain and motivate employees?
  5. Business Analytics