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VX402 – Managing a Business


Credits: 2 credits

Pre-requisites: None


We’re going to learn business by managing a business. With Intro to Business: A Primer, in conjunction with CapsimCore Business Simulation, we take a practical approach. The approach makes sense for two reasons. First, business itself is practical. If there were a single true theory of business success, then every person who started a business and followed the theory would be able to create a profitable and sustainable enterprise. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Business requires the practical application of people, skills, ideas and money, and it requires some trial-and-error before you succeed. Sec­ond, it is in that process of trial-and-error that mastery develops. CapsimCore is a basic business simulation designed to give you hands-on experience in running a company. It provides the opportunity to work with all the essential man­agerial functions including marketing, production and finance, and to experience the interactions and interrelationships that businesses engage in – internally and externally – to succeed. Many of the concepts you’ll read about in this book, you can apply in the simulation.

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