Courses Detail Information

PHYS2500J – Physics II


Mateusz Krzyzosiak;

Credits: 4

Pre-requisites: PHYS1400J/PHYS1500J/PHYS1600J


Credits: No credits are counted towards graduation for those who have completed PHYS2500J or PHYS2600J
Background and Goals: Physics PHYS1500J-PHYS2500J is a course sequence in university physics. The goal of the courses is to equip students with a basic understanding of nature that will allow them to formulate and solve engineering problems. The courses emphasize patterns and principles relating various phenomena observed in the nature.
Alternatives: PHYS2401J General Physics II is oriented towards examples and applications, while PHYS2600J Honors Physics II takes a more mathematical approach.

Course Topics:

Content: The present course focuses on electricity and magnetism, with elements of wave optics. Topics include electric charge and electric field; Coulomb’s law; superposition principle; Gauss’s law for the electric field; electric potential; capacitors and dielectrics; polarization and induced charges; electric current and resistivity; electromotive force; direct-current circuits; magnetic field and magnetic forces; sources of magnetic field; Gauss’s law for the magnetic field; law of Biot and Savart; Ampere’s law; induced and motional emf; Faraday’s law; displacement current; Maxwell’s equations; inductance; alternating current circuits; electromagnetic waves; polarization, reflection and refraction of light; elements of wave optics: interference and diffraction.