Courses Detail Information

MSE4930J – Self-assembly of Materials and Devices


Wendong Wang

Credits: 3

Pre-requisites: PHYS2400J/PHYS2401J/PHYS2500J/PHYS2600J, CHEM2090J/210


Self-assembly is the process by which matters from molecules to living organisms to stars form ordered spatiotemporal structures. It has produced innovative solutions in device fabrications in electronics and photonics.

Course Topics:

This course will first introduce fundamental forces at small scales that are essential to the understanding of materials self-assembly. The rest of the course is divided into two categories: equilibrium self-assembly and non-equilibrium self-assembly. The former includes polymers, colloidal particles and porous materials, whereas the latter includes some more futuristic materials such as active matter, nanomachines, and microrobots. Part of the course materials will be drawn from the primary literature.