Courses Detail Information

CHEM2110J – Chemistry Laboratory


Ting Sun;Thomas Hamade

Credits: 1 credit

Pre-requisites: CHEM2100J Obtained Credit||CHEM2090J Obtained Credit


Chemistry Laboratory is to foster critical thinking that allows students to design, perform, and interpret experiments. In addition, the student acquires technical skills that are required for further advancement in experimental sciences. An ability to collect and analyze data is developed, so the emphasis of the course is to provide a quantitative as well as a qualitative understanding of the basic concepts of chemistry. This is accomplished by demonstrating that chemical principles are derived from experimental data. The goal is to provide students both with a more accurate picture of the scientific process and also with skills that are relevant to solving real life problems.

Course Topics:

  1. Lab safety (Orientation lecture and lab tour)
  2. Acids and bases. (E1)
  3. Properties of buffers. (E2)
  4. Spectrophotometric analysis. (E3)
  5. Introduction to kinetics and determining the rate law. (E4)
  6. Precipitation and water purity. (E5)
  7. Determine the content of Ca in a commercial product. (Design report)
  8. Present and discuss experimental work. (Final presentation)