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PHYS2410J – Physics Lab II


Neale Haugen;Alfonso Reina Cecco;Mateusz Stanislaw Krzyzosiak


Pre-requisites: (PHYS1400J Obtained Credit||VP145 Obtained Credit||VP150 Obtained Credit||PHYS1600J Obtained Credit)&&(PHYS2400J Credits Submitted||VP245 Obtained Credit||PHYS2600J Credits Submitted||PHYS2400J Obtained Credit||VP245 Credits Submitted||PHYS2600J Obtained Credit||VP250 Obtained Credit||VP250 Credits Submitted)


Electrostatics; Electric Fields; Capacitance; DC Circuits; Magnetic Fields and Forces I; Magnetic Fields
and Forces II; e/m of the Electron; Faraday’s Law; AC Generators; AC Transformers; AC Circuits

Course Topics: