Courses Detail Information

ENGL2000J – Academic Writing II


Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: ENGL1000J Obtained Credit


The Vy100 and Vy200 academic writing courses aim to teach students the principles, conventions, and styles of writing for an academic audience. Writing assignments offer students opportunities to demonstrate critical thinking skills, engage in a multi-draft writing process, observe disciplinary conventions, and develop research skills in response to primary texts of varied genres and in conversation with scholarly literature. The writing courses are organized around central topics chosen by faculty to represent their diverse research/writing backgrounds and to be accessible and of interest to students

Course Topics:

Writing Topics:

New in Vy200:

  1. Multiple-Source, long, scaffolded research paper
  2. Annotated Bibliography
  3. Research-based Oral Presentation

Review Vy100 topics 1-9 including

  • Elements of Persuasive Writing
  • Argumentation: Assumption, Claim, Evidence, Implication, Conclusion
  • Essay structure
  • Writing in an academic register
  • MLA Style
  • Library Sources, Source Integration and Source Documentation

Selected Grammar and Style Topics

  1. Wordiness/conciseness
  2. Conditional sentences*
  3. Modal verbs*
  4. Tone and Register

Review Vy100 topics as needed

*Denotes areas of concern for non-native speakers.

NOTE: These are suggested topics. Topics can be altered or deleted depending on class needs, which can be assessed through a written diagnostic

Public Speaking Topics

 Major Oral Presentation

  1. Presentation Structure
  2. Accessibility and attention to audience
  3. Use of presentation tools including slides, board, videoclip, handouts, etc.
  4. Physical presence including voice volume, pitch, posture, gesture
  5. Presenting in a group