Courses Detail Information

MSE3350J – Kinetics and Transitions in Material Engineering

Instructor: Yanming Wang

Instructors (Faculty):

Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: VV216 or equivalent, VK250, VK330 (recommended)


This course discusses fundamental concepts and models for understanding and predicting the kinetic of materials, which mainly includes the aspects of chemical reactions, mass transfer, dislocation and interface motions, morphological evolutions and phase transformations.

Course Topics:

  1. Single-order, second-order and multi-step chemical reactions and their temperature dependence
  2. Heterogeneous reactions
  3. Phenomena and mechanisms of diffusion and interdiffusion
  4. The diffusion equations and their solutions
  5. Motion of dislocations and interfaces
  6. Morphological and structural evolutions induced by capillary effects and applied mechanical forces
  7. Nucleation, growth, precipitation and spinodal decomposition