Courses Detail Information

ME3500J – Design and Manufacturing II


Jaehyung “Joshua” Ju

Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: ME2110J,ME2400J,ME2500J


Principles of machine and mechatronic design and manufacturing. Analysis, synthesis and selection of mechanisms, machine components, mechatronic components, and associated manufacturing processes. Semester-long, model-based design/build/test project in a team setting.

Course Topics:

  1. Review of the design process and relevant design principles
  2. Application of basic materials and mechanics to mechanical design
  3. Analysis and synthesis with focus on selection methods for basic off​the​shelf mechanical components which may incude gears, bearings, springs, power screws, and fasteners
  4. Basic kinematic and kinetostatic analysis/synthesis of mechanisms such as four bar linkages
  5. Selection and application of motors based upon predictive models and motor curves
  6. Design of mechatronic systems for given motion/power requirements
  7. Analysis of load and power flow through transmission systems including those with linkages
  8. Preparation of engineering drawings and manufacturing plans, selecting the appropriate materials and manufacturing processes based upon geometry, loading and tolerances
  9. Design, build and assemble mechanical systems using standard machine shop tools (manual mill, lathe, drill, waterjet cutter, and laser cutter)
  10. Test and evaluate simple mechanical and mechatronic systems and components for performance and failure behavior using physical and virtual prototypes