Courses Detail Information

ME4820J – Machining Process



Credits: 3 credits

Pre-requisites: ME3820J Obtained Credit


Introduction of advancements in machining. Overview and analysis of the single-point, multiple-point and abrasive processes. Machine tool design and cutting tools and tool wear mechanisms. Cutting forces and mechanics of chip formation. Temperatures of the tool and workpiece. Analysis of the electrical discharge machining. electro­chemical machining, chemical machining, laser machining, and biomedical machining. Three hours lecture.

Course Topics:

  1. Machining processes: Single point, multiple point, and abrasive cutting processes.
  2. Machine tool components.
  3. Cutting tools –materials, coatings, and wear.
  4. Machine tool accuracy and metrology.
  5. Cutting mechanics – chip formation, forces, and energy.
  6. Cutting temperatures –modeling and measurements.
  7. Machining dynamics.
  8. Electrical discharge machining.
  9. Chemical-based machining.
  10. Energy-based machining.
  11. Biomedical machining.