Courses Detail Information

PHYS2600J – Honors Physics II


Mateusz Stanislaw Krzyzosiak;李小汾

Credits: 4 (No credits after Vp245 or Vp250.)

Pre-requisites: PHYS1600J Obtained Credit


The courses strongly rely on mathematical methods, with many formulas derived from general principles and discussed in relation to specific models of phenomena observed in nature. Conceptual links across various areas of physics are emphasized in order to develop the interdisciplinary intuition that allows a systematic approach to engineering problems.

Course Topics:

  1. Electric charge and electric field (4 hrs)
  2. Gauss’s law for the electric field (5 hrs)
  3. Electric potential; method of image charges (3 hrs)
  4. Capacitors and dielectrics (3 hrs)
  5. Electric current, resistivity, and electromotive force (4 hrs)
  6. Direct-current circuits (4 hrs)
  7. Magnetic field and magnetic forces (5 hrs)
  8. Sources of magnetic field, law of Biot and Savart (4 hrs)
  9. Electromagnetic induction, Maxwell’s equations; scalar/vector potentials (6 hrs)
  10. Inductance (4 hrs)
  11. Alternating current circuits (5 hrs)
  12. Electromagnetic waves (4 hrs)
  13. Light: polarization, reflection and refraction (5 hrs)
  14. Elements of wave optics: interference and diffraction (4 hrs)