Courses Detail Information

MATH1150J – Calculus I


Zachiri McKenzie;Horst Harold Hohberger;David Rush;Heidi Andersen

Credits: 4 (No credit after Vv156 or Vv186.)



The present course covers the calculus of functions of a single real variable. Mathematical background knowledge will be reviewed as needed.Topics include properties of rational, real and complex numbers; sequences, convergence; functions, convergence and continuity; polynomial, rational, trigonometric, exponential and inverse functions; the derivative and applications; extrema, monotonicity, convexity, asymptotes and curve sketching; series and power series, Taylor expansions.

Course Topics:

  1. Rational, real and complex numbers
  2. Sequences of real numbers; limits of sequences
  3. Real functions and their properties
  4. Limits and continuity of real functions
  5. The derivative and applications
  6. Behavior of functions and curve sketching