Courses Detail Information

MATH1860J – Honors Mathematics II


Horst Harold Hohberger

Credits: 4 (No credits after Vv116 or Vv156.)



Elements of logic; set theory; properties of real and complex numbers; sequences, convergence, completeness of metric spaces; functions, convergence and continuity; the derivative and applications; normed vector spaces; series and power series; transcendental functions; the regulated and Riemann integrals and applications; the Lebesgue integral (as time permits).

Course Topics:

  1. Logic, sets and numbers (8 hrs at 45 min each)
  2. Sequences, convergence, continuity (12 hrs)
  3. The derivative and properties of differentiable functions (8 hrs)
  4. Vector spaces and sequences of functions (4 hrs)
  5. Series, power series, exponential and trigonometric functions (10 hrs)
  6. Integration and Applications (12 hrs),Three exams (6 hrs)