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VC209 – Chemistry


Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: High school Chemistry, 3 years high school Math.

Degree Program:

Terms Offered:


This General Chemistry VC209 course is intended to satisfy the one-term chemistry requirement for students interested in science, or as a natural science elective for non-science concentrators. This course may also be used as the first term in a four or more term chemistry sequence for science concentrators and pre-professional students. This course is designed to teach chemical principles to science and engineering majors. Along with VC211, this course fulfills the general education requirement for natural sciences. Chemistry VC209 content provides an introduction to the major concepts of chemistry, including the microscopic picture of atomic and molecular structure, molecular geometry & bonding theories (Lewis, VSEPR, MO), periodic trends in the chemical reactivity, the energetics of chemical reactions, reaction kinetics & thermodynamics, property of gases & liquids, phase diagrams, and the nature of chemical equilibria, and electrochemistry. Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of modern chemistry, the descriptive chemistry of the elements, and to the underlying theories that account for observed macroscopic behavior. The students will learn to think critically, examine experimental data, and form generalizations about data as chemists and engineers do.

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