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HIS2090J – The rise of scientific medicine: a global perspective


Instructors (Faculty):

Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: Vy 100


Students are introduced to the history of scientific medicine ranging from late 19th century to present. Key figures and events will be discussed under the context of current socio-political and cultural background. Major arguments will be provided to students for the comparison of western-centered interpretation and Asian-originated response. After completing this course students should gain knowledge sufficiently to situate current medical issues in a wider historical perspective.

Course Topics:

  1. Making the body modern: physical mechanism
  2. The breakthrough of bioscience in late 19thcentury Europe
  3. Germ and bacteriology
  4. Colonization and the spread of western medicine
  5. Public health: the healthy West vs. filthy East
  6. Medical modernization in East Asia: Japan and China
  7. The role of colonies to advance medical science: tropical medicine

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