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VK481 – Sustainable Design of Materials and Engineering


Instructors (Faculty):

Credits: 3

Pre-requisites: Senior Standing


Projects based on environmental sustainability. Project based teamwork. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA). Engineering economics. Environmental impact with emphasis on CO2 utilization. Identification of key technology drivers to reduce cost and environmental impact. Written and oral presentations of solutions.



Engineering economics

Depreciation, profitability, return on investment

Cost estimation

Materials in engineering design

Material recycling and materials recovery from complex products

Life-cycle and techno-economics analysis of sustainable technologies

Energy sources for the long term

Emerging materials for efficient sustainable energy and environment devices

Innovative approaches for CO2 capture and utilization

Library/Technical and Economic Information Searching

Patents and intellectual property

Report writing

Case histories in design

Alternative processing

Oral presentations

Ethical, societal and legal aspects of design





To teach students approaches to engineering design and the role of materials and their selection

To provide an overview of engineering economic principles and their consideration in design projects

To introduce technical and economic information searching procedures and their role in design

To provide an introduction to modern design procedures

To provide students with a methodology for preparing a project design, and then to present this result in a written and an oral report

To include discussion of ethical, societal and legal issues which may arise in the design context



Be able to problems on engineering economics involving time value of money and depreciation

Be able to search and analyze patent information

Demonstrate the ability to justify materials choices for engineering designs

Be able to analyze and discuss cases in engineering ethics

Working on a team with mentor, define, plan, an execute an engineering design project in MSE

Be able to prepare a written report on the design project

Be able to make an oral presentation on the design project



Problem sets to test objectives #1-4

Evaluation of design project

Evaluation of written report for written communication

Evaluation of oral presentation for oral communication

Course Topics: