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VE560 – Linear Systems


Instructors (Faculty):

Credits: 3 credits

Pre-requisites: Vm461 or Ve460 (NB: Course for graduate programs, but open to undergraduate students as well)


Master the fundamental knowledge and the analytic methods of linear system. theory, be able to describe the system by the state space Representation and establish the state space Representation according to the differential equation of the system. Master the methods to obtain the characteristic Roots of the system, the solution to the inhomogeneous equation in linear time-invariant and linear time-variant system, and two methods to solve the state equation in the DISCRETE time system. Master the definition of controllability and observability and its respective criteria is Master the methods to analyze the stability of a system by the Lyapunov first method and the Lyapunov second method. Master the Basic design methods of the state feedback and state observers. Master the fundamentals of the frequency the domain theory. Have a general understanding of the new development in the linear system theory.

Course Topics: