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ME6301J – Advanced Heat Transfer


Instructors (Faculty):

Credits: 3 credits

Pre-requisites: Ve330 Electromagnetics II (NB: Course for graduate programs, but open to undergraduate students as well)


This course includes advanced coverage of conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer. The aim of the course is to present to the student the key points for each of the topics covered, as well as the necessary analytical tools to solve realistic engineering problems in heat transfer. Specific topics related with conduction will include one dimensional & multidimensional heat conduction in transient and steady state. The convection part will introduce analytical methods to fluid flow and energy transfer, heat transfer in channel and external flow, boundary layers, laminar and turbulent convection, forced and free convection. Other topics such as film cooling, heat transfer in high-speed flow will also be introduced. Radiation heat transfer will include black body radiation, radiative properties, view factors, radiative exchange between ideal and non-ideal surfaces. In addition to weekly homework & lecture, three lab sessions and a final project will also be arranged.

Course Topics:

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