Courses Detail Information

BUS3515J – Advanced Branding and Brand Management



Credits: 2 credits



Branding and Brand Management (Advanced) is a senior marketing course for JI undergraduates who has taken prerequisite course Branding and Brand Management. Based on knowledge attained in the prerequisite, this course is closely linked to brand equity, which acts as measurement of an enterprises’ core competitiveness. This course contains the brand-related concepts, brand equity elements, brand equity maintenance, brand equity measurement and global branding. In addition, some corporate management theories (including business model) are also involved in this course, such as entrepreneurship and corporate strategy. To bridge theory and practice, the course interweaves lectures, case discussions and group presentation.The course culminates in a brand audit group project that the students present in the final days of class. The project requires students to select an existing corporate brand, evaluate its brand equity systematically and try to provide recommendations for the brand going forward.

Course Topics:

  1. Brand-related concepts
  2. Brand, branding and brand equity
  3. Business model v.s. entrepreneurship
  4. Choosing brand elements to build brand equity
  5. Maintaining brand equity
  6. Discussion
  7. Measuring brand equity
  8. Branding strategy v.s corporate strategy
  9. Global branding
  10. Final exam: brand project report