Courses Detail Information

ME3200J – Fluid Mechanics


Lipo Wang; Qiang Zhang; Chien-pin Chen

Credits: 3

Pre-requisites: ME2350J, ME2400J, and MATH2160J/2560J/2860J


Fluid statics; conservation of mass, momentum ,and energy in fixed and moving control volumes; steady and unsteady Bernoulli’s equation; differential analysis of fluid flow; dimensional analysis and similitude; laminar and turbulent flow; boundary layers; lift and drag; introduction to commercial CFD packages; applications to mechanical, biological, environmental, and micro-fluidic systems.

Course Topics:

  1. Fluid properties, fluid forces, and flow regimes.
  2. Fluid statics.
  3. Flow kinematics.
  4. Conservation of mass, momentum and energy in fixed, deforming, and moving control volumes.
  5. The steady and unsteady Bernoulli equation along and normal to a streamline.
  6. Similitude, dimensional analysis, and modeling; important non-dimensional groups in fluid mechanics.
  7. Conservation of mass and momentum expressed through differential analysis.
  8. Viscous flow in pipes and channels (laminar and turbulent flow regimes, the Moody chart, head loss equation).
  9. External flow 9boundary layer concept, lift and drag, pressure and friction drag, streamlining and drag reduction.
  10. Introduction to commercial CFD package.
  11. Sample applications to mechanical biological, environmental, and microfluidic systems.