Courses Detail Information

PHYS1401J – General Physics I


Neale Haugen;

Credits: 4

Pre-requisites: MATH1150J or equivalent training from high school


Credits: No credits are counted towards graduation for those who have completed PHYS1500J or PHYS1600J.
Background and Goals: General Physics PHYS1401J-PHYS2401J is a course sequence in university physics that is oriented towards applications and examples. New ideas are introduced in a robust and easy to understand manner, with additional discussion and some practical activities to help drive home the meaning and application of the concepts covered in the class.
Alternatives: PHYS1500J Physics I emphasizes patterns and principles, while PHYS1600J Honors Physics I takes a more mathematical approach.

Course Topics:

Content: The present course focuses on the physics of motion, mechanics, and mechanical waves. Topics include physical quantities, scalars and vectors; kinematics: motion in one dimension; reference frames and motion in two and three dimensions; Newton’s laws of motion and their applications; work and kinetic energy; potential energy and conservation of mechanical energy; periodic motion; momentum, impulse, and collisions; rigid body dynamics, angular momentum; equilibrium and elasticity; elements of fluid mechanics; gravitation; mechanical waves and sound.