Courses Detail Information

ECE4810J – System-on-Chip Design


Xinfei Guo

Credits: 4

Pre-requisites: ECE3700J or ECE3730J or ECE4270J


Motivation, design and use of modern System-on-a-Chip (SoC) architectures and systems. Hands-on coverage of the breadth of computer engineering within the context of SoC platforms from concepts to silicon, including design decision making, tradeoffs, hardware-software codesign and all steps of SoC system design (RTL to GDSII).

Course Topics:

Major SoC components such as on-chip memories and communication networks, and major interfaces such as security interfaces, multimedia interfaces, power interfaces, sensor interfaces. Modern heterogeneous SoC platforms that are widely used in industry such as Xilinx FPGA, ARM SoC, Intel FPGAs, AI accelerators and more.