Courses Detail Information

BUS4230J – Intrapreneurship


Pradeep Ray

Credits: 3

Pre-requisites: BUS4200J or instructor’s permission


Intrapreneurship means entrepreneurship from within an organization. Many companies in the world now want their employees to come up with new entrepreneurial ideas and convert them into viable businesses. This course will give you the critical thinking armed with pivotal concepts to understand how entrepreneurial innovation works within an organization.

Course Topics:

It will be focused on understanding how intrapreneurship works, given the complexities in the culture, business policies and procedures and inter personal relationships that are critical for the success of an intrapreneurship project. A student will be actually working as an intern in a company. The course involves hands-on learning of intrapreneurship issues from the perspective of a company. Hence students undertake the course while working as a full–time intern in a company during the Spring Semester. Hence Lectures will be delivered in a concentrated mode over last three Saturdays in March. The students will work closely under the supervision of a company supervisor and the instructor of the course. All the learning will take place in the company.