Courses Detail Information

ECE3700J – Introduction to Computer Organization


Gang Zheng;Xinfei Guo;Gang Zheng

Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: ECE2700J Obtained Credit&&ECE2800J Obtained Credit


This course is designed to cover basic concepts of computer organization and hardware. Instructions executed by a processor and how to use these instructions in simple assembly-language programs. Stored-program concept. Datapath and control for multiple implementations of a processor. Performance evaluation, pipelining, caches, virtual memory, input/output.

Course Topics:

  1. Introduction to computer
  2. MIPS instruction set, operations and operands
  3. Instruction encoding, addressing mode
  4. Procedures calling conventions, memory usage
  5. Assembly programing examples, translating software
  6. Single cycle processor
  7. Pipelined datapath and control
  8. Data hazards
  9. Control hazards, exceptions
  10. Cache
  11. Virtual memory
  12. I/Os and interfaces
  13. Parallelism, multiprocessors