Courses Detail Information

ECE4270J – VLSI Design I


Xuyang Lu

Credits: 4 credits

Pre-requisites: ECE2700J Obtained Credit&&ECE3120J Obtained Credit


Lectures and lab assignments to introduce the students to the implementation of mask-level integrated systems, with emphasis on architectural and system-level synthesis. Topics include ASIC flow of combinational logic, finite state machines, sequential logic,  microprocessors, I/O, memory blocks, parallelism, clock and power distribution, and advanced design topics such as highspeed and neural network systems.

Course Topics:

  1. A review of Mosfet, CMOS logic, basic memory blocks.
  2. A review of combinational logic, finite state machine, Verilog
  3. Architecture of FPGA
  4. Timing constraints
  5. RISC-V and stream processing
  6. Memory/ Cache
  7. Digital signal processing circuits
  8. I/O network
  9. Parallelism
  10. List processor optimization, VLIW compiler
  11. Techniques in adder/multiplier/shifters
  12. Clk and power distribution
  13. Research topics: DNN, highspeed wireline, etc.