Courses Detail Information

ENGR1010J – Introduction to Computers and Programming


Jigang Wu;Yifei Zhu;Xiaodong Wei;Manuel Charlemagne

Credits: 4 credits



This course introduces students in Engineering to basic algorithmic method and specific languages including MATLAB and C/C++. This course focuses on the development of algorithms to solve problems of relevance in engineering practice and on the implementation of these algorithms using MATLAB and C/C++.

Course Topics:

  1. MATLAB programming: data types, control statements
  2. MATLAB programming: plotting, File I/O, array manipulation
  3. C programming: data types, expressions, control statements
  4. C programming: functions, algorithms, scoping, parameter passing
  5. C programming: array, character and string
  6. C programming: pointers
  7. C programming: record and structure
  8. C++ programming: input/output, class and object