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Name Gender Title Discipline Research Interest
Yuljae Cho Male Assistang Professor Electronic Science and Technology

1. Energy conversion/ energy harvesting – piezoelectric/triboelectric nanogenerators, photovoltaics
2. Electronic and optoelectronic devices based on nanomaterials and structures)
3. Nanomaterials synthesis and functionalization for advanced device applications

Yifei Zhu Male Assistang Professor Information and Communication Technology

1. Cloud/edge computing
2. Multimedia networks
3. Network economics
4. Distributed machine learning systems
5. Internet-of-Things

Hongyi Xin Male Assistang Professor Information and Communication Technology

1. Develop analytical methods for single cell multi-omics.
2. Design novel algorithms for DNA read mapping and read assembly
3. Apply machine learning (esp. deep learning) methods in single cell analysis.
4. Perform multi-omics analysis in cancer
5. Design robust and error-proof DNA barcodes for 3rd-gen sequencing technology
6. Design novel methods for hierarchical differential analysis, Develop non-parametric clustering algorithms

Qi An Female Assistang Professor Mechanical Engineering

1. Advanced multi-functional hybrid composite materials
2. Nanomaterials processing, characterization and applications
3. Nanomaterial-based sensing devices, in-situ damage sensing and structural health monitoring
4. Apply Digital Image Correlation technique to experimental mechanics
5. Additive manufacturing/3D printing of fiber reinforced composites
6. Nanomaterial-innovated fiber composites modeling

Yanming Wang Male Assistang Professor Mechanical Engineering

1. Multi-scale modeling of low-dimensional materials synthesis and nano-mechanics
2. Machine learning-assisted design and optimization of novel functional materials
3. Advanced computational materials modeling and algorithms
4. Prediction of materials microstructure-property relationship by computational simulations and machine learning
5. Computational materials science for energy applications
6. Property predictions of novel polymeric materials by advanced modeling and simulations